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Rely on Southpaw Fencing for the delivery of exceptional highway construction services across the United States, including the installation of top-notch guardrails, overhead road signage, retaining and noise walls, as well as excavation and landscaping services. With a blend of comprehensive industry experience and cutting-edge equipment, we set a high bar in the domain of highway guardrail construction.

Our unmatched dedication to the job, effective dialogue with clients, and superior capacity to troubleshoot ensure your project will be both punctual and economically efficient. Thanks to enduring relationships within the construction sector, we can offer the most competitive pricing available.

At Southpaw Fencing, we place utmost importance on compliance and safety. We strictly follow all rules and regulations set forth by DNR, OSHA, DOT, and Corps of Engineers, alongside all local, state, and federal mandates. Our steadfast commitment to maintaining safety standards consistently garners us top marks in state engineer performance evaluations.

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Southpaw Fencing focuses on state-level Department of Transportation construction projects, while extending its reach to regional and nationwide projects in the oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors, delivering high-quality, compliant services in each domain.

Oil & Gas

Southpaw Fencing collaborates with oil and gas companies, bringing a wealth of experience and tailored skill set to their construction projects. We provide a range of services that uphold industry standards of safety and operational efficiency, always adhering to stringent regulatory requirements. Our commitment to high-quality, efficient service delivery has made us a trusted partner for oil and gas companies in need of comprehensive construction support.

Green Energy

Southpaw Fencing excels in delivering specialized support services for the green energy sector, using our wide-ranging expertise and a strong commitment to safety and quality. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse renewable energy projects, encompassing wind farms, solar fields, hydro plants, and geothermal facilities.


Southpaw Fencing partners effectively with Department of Transportation entities, ensuring strict adherence to public safety objectives and regulatory requirements. We excel in installations, maintenance, and navigating rigorous DOT guidelines, while engaging in constant dialogue with DOT representatives to stay ahead of the latest regulations and safety innovations. Our extensive experience and dedication to road safety establish us as trusted allies in securing America's roadways.

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Southpaw Fencing adopts a broad-based approach to the energy sector, offering specialized services spanning regional to nationwide levels.

We demonstrate a particular interest and expertise in oil & gas and renewable energy projects.

This allows us to deliver tailored solutions and become instrumental partners across a variety of energy-related initiatives.